Hair Treatment

hair spa treatment nourishes your hair and is designed to strengthen hair follicles, revitalize the scalp and roots of your hair, eventually aiding in the natural re-growth of damaged, broken or fallen hair, reduces the detrimental effects of pollution, weather, dirt, and UV rays on hair. It  is a relaxing and soothing treatment while maintaining your hair health .

baliayuspa hair mask

Balinese Hair Spa

A hair and scalp treatment – this treatment begins with a hair spray to prepare your hair & scalp so that it can absorb the essential vitamins from our natural hair cream and leave your hair & scalp nourish and smooth. A rhythmic scalp, neck, and shoulder massage included to replenishes you to your youthful glow.

30 min   $39

Hair Mask

Sun exposure and environmental elements can strip your beautiful shiny and radiant hair. Applying hair mask on a regular basis is a very important list for you to help keep your hair healthy, moisturized and restore its lost nutrients.

20 min   $29

Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment works to remove product build up, flakes, and dandruff. It help relieve itchiness and keep your scalp feeling clean and fresh. This treatment provide nourishment and hydration for hair follicles to stimulate hair growth, at the same time strengthen your hair.

40 min   $49

scalp treatment

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